A Fung ACI 2020

Patricia Aguirre

Patricia integrates the Family Constellations method upon a 15+ years experience on a spiritual journey, both on a personal basis and sharing through seminars, workshops and individual sessions.  Her path through tantra, yoga and buddhism creates the framework for the deep spiritual aspect of the phenomenology, while her studies in transpersonal therapy, integral theory, transactional analysis, and somatics, help ground the more practical, emotional and relational aspects of the work.

About Patricia Aguirre

She started a project Espiritualidad Aterrizada (Grounded Spirituality) where she speaks of the nuances of high spiritual work that respects the emotional and more earthly aspects, which are non the less important, particularly when working with clients with trauma and avoiding retraumatization.  The integration of her work leads to a compassion based approach to intervention, where a planned outcome is not what is set as priority, but a humane integration of being, of living and being fully available in life.


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