Integral Therapy for Therapists Sep 11 – 17

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This year’s theme ‘Healing in Relationship – A systemic approach, ‘ runs alongside our week of deep self-care. It is more often the case that because trauma was set up in relationship, we need others to undo it. This theme brings family constellations and centred therapy into a dynamic fusion to systemically explore your past and present relationships.

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10th Anniversay


September 11-17th 2023
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​(30 CPD points)

Nic Morrey, Jonine Lee Gabay,
Maya Ward, Ange Koutsofrigas
& ​Ketut Arsana   

  As confronting as it may sound, many who enter the healing professions are ambivalent about doing 'the work' on themselves.  Whether you've had experience on the couch or not, we will explore many forms of receiving therapeutic support for the therapist from simply getting away to Ubud and confronting a hidden compassion fatigue, receiving physical body work therapies such as massage, walking, yoga and dance, to more traditional therapies such as analysis.  This training/retreat with the theme of treating trauma holistically will be challenging, unifying, liberating.... as well as relaxing, creating a pathway toward safety, passion and vulnerability.  

  If we are passionate about our role as therapists, the discipline requires we do our own deep exploration into subjectivity and radical receptivity.  This retreat/training sets up the safe container to open the therapists personal attachment, lopsided intelligence lines of development and counter-transference issues in order to embrace the fullness of our own character development and the permission to become warmly professional as opposed to unnaturally clinically cold.

 You will not only come away feeling refreshed, past participants have commented on feeling re-invigorated and excited about re-entering the profession again after confronting for example an inner anxiety "I need to fix it", a voice which comes from attachment trauma, over-burdened with a responsibility to deliver correct technique and formula and keeping up with the latest modalities.  You will nevertheless be learning up to date new techniques and formulas on this retreat, but one of many includes knowing the difference between when to apply which technique, how to apply it, and why technique is often secondary to the quality of your presence which recreates an intimacy to heal your clients original attachment trauma.

​  The commitment to self care is particularly crucial for those in the helping profession.  Lush Tropical Ubud offers a sanctuary, a place where culture connects intimately with its land and spirituality.  There is so much for Western culture to learn about mental health from this alone.

The training includes immersing ourselves within Balinese Hindu culture, including Kecak dance, Jegog music, Ubud art, food markets, visiting temples, eating great organic food, having regular massage, resting and recuperating & meeting like-minded therapists whilst gaining 30 PD points at a very reasonable cost.

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