Family Constellations Facilitator Training & Professional Development Program

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The training is a unique opportunity to learn from esteemed elders, those teaching internationally for over 40 years, and many emerging trainers from diverse backgrounds who offer leading-edge perspectives and innovative approaches to constellations.

Whether you are seeking a new vocation as a systemic constellation facilitator, want to add to and deepen existing skills and create a meaningful professional/personal development program, or choose to gain the skills to improve the relationships in your life, this program will support you

Module 1 – 3 $2900 USD
Deposit $250 + 6 months$441.70
Deposit $250 + 12 months$221.00
Deposit $250 + 15 months$176.70
Module 1 – 4 $3800 USD
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Course Structure 2024

2024 TRAINING APPLICATION HERE  2024 International Training Registration

The training will be presented LIVE via Zoom. Seminars, experiential exercises, and practice sessions with the trainers and in small study/practice groups in different time zones

BONUS Recordings of 125 workshops from 91 Presenters of ONLINE International Conference 2022. Valued USD $250


“It was an unparalleled experience. Don’t have enough words to describe how I feel. This program is just not what anyone could miss. It the most extravagant extraordinary program  I have ever attended”.    Charu Mody  India

“A facilitator of Constellations work will never stop being a student. To ensure my workshops carry high integrity and lasting value for clients, this community is as essential for my work as water is to a garden. I am deeply grateful for such an unprecedented University of teachers who have spent their lives studying the work from its most early stages and who so generously pass on their wisdom and patience to the next generation.   Thank you!  It was a FABULOUS resource! I can't say enough about how tremendously helpful it has been for my development as a facilitator. I am so excited to see how this wonderful resource will grow and I hope to be a part of it for many years to come.    Jessica Hagan, USA

“Being trained by some of the world's most renowned constellation facilitators, this training really was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. I am so glad I did it and so grateful for all the amazing learning and wisdom that I received from the elders. What a gift. To be able to access the wealth and depth of expertise of all the leading facilitators in just one place has been an exceptional opportunity. Having perfected their art over decades, the information and learning that was imparted to us as participants is honestly priceless.

All I can say is Thank-you, Thank-you to all those who came up with this grand vision, and all the facilitators who agreed to take part, and everyone who made this possible”.  Claire Newell U.K.

"What a privilege to learn from the best names in the field. I really enjoyed the diversity of the trainers and feel like the vastness of constellation work and its different modalities, types, and approaches were all somehow represented in the training. Each lecturer brought their own ways and experiences, exposing us students to a huge variety of styles. This, in turn, has helped me identify my own and build on it." M.K. Australia

“This training has been full of such wonderful facilitators all over the world. And it has been an honor to study and listen to their teachings, thoughts, and experiences. I see how many angles and possibilities is there. This means that I have gained so much courage to really follow what the field brings to me and also use it. It is a whole year of Christmas, with presents to fill the heart. Thank you!   Jaana Saar, Estonia

“I have been surprised at the depth and breadth of this online training. I loved the variety of the presenters, giving me a sense of freedom in my own facilitation, the permission to be creative, and an awareness of how many different ways there truly are to facilitate a constellation with the intention to bring freedom. I have grown so much personally through this experience, both from the wisdom imparted from the facilitators, as well as the opportunity for so many powerful exercises that were given by the facilitators”.   Laura Cornell US

“I am grateful and fortunate to have had time during the pandemic to deepen my work by adding a new modality to my practice through the International Family, Systemic, and Organizational Constellation online classes.   The classes were taught by many experienced, talented, wise, and committed teachers, who studied directly from Bert Hellinger himself.   E. Russia

 The classes were given in various time zones to accommodate the needs of many, including recording of all classes for busy people like myself.  The requirements for completing the course were simple to follow and I appreciated the flexibility and the nonlinear way of providing and communicating support for finishing all assignments, which made it doable for anyone to complete the course.

 I find that 37 years of practicing TCM and healing practice was leading to this, and it is the beginning of a new relationship to my work at the clinic and a blessing and healing to my own family.   I highly recommend this program to anyone who might be interested in adding another modality to their healing toolbox or for personal growth.  And one extra bonus is... finding a big family that speaks your soul language”.   with Gratitude,  Irit Weir



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