Prof. Matthias von Kibéd and Insa Sparrer 


Our absolute JOY to have highly regarded faculty members and couple Insa Sparrer Dipl.Psych .and Prof. Dr. Matthias Varga von Kibéd who together developed a constructivist approach to Constellations, this method is known as ‘Structural Constellations Systemic Structural Constellations’ SySt®, which is also the name of their training institute.

About Prof. Matthias von Kibéd and Insa Sparrer

What are the sources and roots of Insa and Matthias work?

According to the Institute SySt®, the sources and roots of Structural Constellations are:

A. A work of Virginia Satir on family reconstruction and the family sculpture, where the attitude and image of people is crucial to work in Structural Constellation.
B. The Ericksonian hypnosis, which is distinct for use in Structural Constellations language.
C. The work Family constellation, whose roots are recognized among other Thea Schoenfelder, Ruth McClendon e Les Kadis. As the origin of the idea of intergenerational solidarity, the balance between giving and receiving and economic reinterpretation of the concept of guilt (with roots in Martin Buber) Ivan de Nagy-Böszörményi, what, then, He found its way and was remodeled in Family Constellations of Bert Hellinger and the Organizational Constellations Classic, Weber Gunthrd Atribuíds come Prinsipalment.
D. The attitude methodology focused on solution of the Milwaukee School, which is based on ideas Steve de Shazer e Insoo Kim Berg.“

The transverbal language

The view of transverbal language is one of the major differences between the work of Bert Hellinger and the work of the couple Insa Sparrer and Matthias Varga von Kibéd. Through this own syntax and grammar can understand the phenomena cited by Hellinger. Representatives in a constellation Structural work a lot with their perception, which is different from the sensations, present in the classic work of Family Constellations.

“Speaking of perceptions, not feelings helps to decontaminate the Constellations of uncontrollable elements.”

The occurrence of this transverbal language is all that can be seen in a constellation Structural. Since no two representatives to input “field”, both the order and the placement of; passing through the interspaces existing between each element, to perceptions of each representative and facilitator. spoken phrases, looks, connections, uncomfortable, contact, distance and proximity. It’s all part of this language.

Constellation Structural itself

A practical way to conduct a Systemic Structural Constellation is similar to a Family Constellation Classic. A person without deep knowledge of the area, and participate in one and the other, You may not notice major differences in the progress of each of them and imagine that the change from one to the other is due only to the conduct of personalty given by the facilitator.

A series of publications, which is part of this post, focuses on the use of constellations in organizations. However it is important that the reader becomes aware that the Structural Constellations can be used for different approaches: systems problems, work space, family situation, psicossomáticos states, values and beliefs.

Insa and Matthias summarize the result of a Structural Constellation: “The solution to the problem is seen by its disappearance. ” Or, a reinterpretation of the same sentence: In Structural Constellations problems are not solved; disappear.


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