Roma Gaster

Roma has worked around the world with executive boards, senior leaders, professional service partners, managers of enterprises both large and small, and teams over the past 30 plus years.

She is passionate about integrating leadership potential together with organisational performance into one conversation. She is a systemic thought partner, working alongside leaders and teams in transforming the way they navigate complexity and achieve results in order to more positively impact the organisations and communities they serve. Roma’s preference is to co-create with clients in developing and honouring the human factor of business within their strategic context.

Her work has been described by clients as:

  • A Soulful Guide … Awakening Wisdom
  • A Co-creative Alchemist … Freeing Possibilities
  • A Sacred Provocateur … Conducting Systemically

About Roma Gaster

Early in her career, Roma worked as an economist as well as in sales in various industries including media and corporate education. In 1994, she founded KARIBU, an international consulting firm with a focus on individual, team, leadership, and culture transformation through a broad systemic lens. She is also the published co-author of The Equality Myth, a practical business book aimed at transforming organisational paradigms from hierarchical structures to collaborative systems (published by Allen & Unwin, 1995).

Born and raised in Kenya where she developed a respect for the traditions and behaviours of various cultures and a love for wildlife and natural resources. Roma now lives in Sydney, Australia close to family and the sea.

Embracing “Leading Principles” to Unify and Galvanise Leaders & Teams
Facilitated by Roma Gaster

Session Overview

For many decades organisations have endeavoured to differentiate themselves from market competitors by crafting their unique points of difference. Words such as values, purpose, vision, mission, aspiration, strategy etc. have been used often interchangeably and with varying degrees of buy-in or engagement within teams and across the organisation. Those who have succeeded in living by their espoused set of values and/or charter, guided by their purpose, and fulfilling on their vision and strategy are the exception rather than the rule.

With a systemic lens, this session introduces what many organisations wrestle with as a hidden “missing element”, which is how best to describe the DNA of the organisation or team from the perspective of:

  • What are you to the outside world / to society?
  • What does the outside world / society want from you now and in the future?

Session Purpose

  • Differentiating Order in Organisation Systems from Order in Family Systems
  • Engaging with the What and Why of Leading Principle
  • Exploring and drafting your own Leading Principles
      – Experimenting with order
      – Deciding next steps for
            – Engaging other stakeholders
            – Integrating wording and visuals of your Leading Principles you’re your website, marketing, branding, existing values, purpose, vision, communication channels, decision making etc.

Session Process

The session will include a mix of reflection, content, practical demonstration, personal exploration and experience, and ‘how to’ next steps.

M: +61 414 28 29 30

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