Samar Said

 She is a:

– Certified Master Coach
– Certified Reiki Master
– Certified Enneagram Diploma
– Certified Constellation Practitioner
– Certified NLP Trainer

After 5 years working on herself to bring light to every aspect of her life, her holistic approach brings clarity, direction, and positive support for her clients by healing their traumas and past wounds.

She helps clients live their best life by filling the gap between where they are now and where they want to be.

About Samar Said

Workshop Title and Description:


Al-Fatiha, as a Spiritual Sufi Ritual to Allow Meaningful Systemic Movements.


In each culture, humans were granted permissions to be able to channel sacred practices and rituals to connect to the spiritual field and remember the divine dimension within.. 

Humans knew that by remembering this divine spaciousness within they are in touch with enormous powers and they feel resourced to dare to face life and agree with it as it is..

Sufi orders, the esoteric side of Islam, for more than 1400 years had their rituals that are emerged from Islamic practices which facilitated a lot of meaningful personal and collective movements a long centuries..

On the top of these ritual are AL-FATIHA, which is a chapter in the Holy Quraan consists of 7 verses that has deep meanings which allows true remembrance of the divine dimension within and when it is recited by a specific way with the sincere intention, magnificent manifestations accrue on the spot..

For more than 12 years in my Constellations practice, I & my clients received many many blessings during the Work when we recite AL-FATIHA no matter what is the religion or the culture of the Issue Holder, although it came from an Islamic culture but I see it as a Universal spiritual practice that can contribute to the world of healing and awakening..

Learning Outcomes: 

1- Resourcing Ritual.

2- Remembrance of the Divine Dimension Within.

3- A Sufi Practice that can help you as an individual or a Facilitator to create profound movements.

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