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Sarah Cornally is a Systemic Leadership Advisor to c-suite executives and board directors who are committed to evolving their leadership and transforming the culture of their organisations to respond to the pace and complexity of the constantly evolving dynamics of the emerging future. They are invested in creating workplaces where both the people and the enterprise thrive. Visit


About Sarah Cornally


Sarah Cornally has over 35 years consulting experience, working at executive and board levels in the areas of leadership strategy and development; organisational change and issue resolution; effective system and group dynamics; and executive coaching and mentoring.

Originally trained as an occupational therapist, Sarah became well known for her success in dealing with complex workers’ compensation cases others deemed ‘untreatable’. She intuitively realized that the way to resolve these issues was to look at them systemically; by treating not just the individual, but also the environment, culture and systems they interacted with, she achieved a phenomenal success rate at getting people back to work safely.

She is sought out by board directors and c-suite executives to provide consulting services in leadership, cultural change and issue resolution because of her notable reputation in resolving complex and challenging issues. Sarah works extensively with people from different cultures and countries, bridging various cross-cultural issues.

Sarah advises leaders in both global and top 100 Australian companies and many government organisations. Sarah is a partner of Acumen Global Partners which provides large scale change initiatives in medium to large and global enterprises.

Sarah provides a year long training program to organisational consultants and coaches in System Dynamics and Organisational Constellations Training (SD&OC) which is extended by their participation in The Systemic Collective post training to support their ongoing practice and development. She is a member of Pioneers Group (an international group bringing systemic work to organisations).


Sarah’s academic qualifications include studies in behavioural, biological and engineering sciences as well as organisational behaviour and industrial relations. She earned a bachelor’s degree in Applied Science (Occupational Therapy) Syd Uni followed by a master’s degree in Safety Science from the University of New South Wales & is a graduate of Harvard University’s The Art & Practice of Leadership Development.

Sarah studied Systemic work in both the phenomenological with Jan Jacob Stam and structural approaches with Matthias Varga von Kibed, Insa Sparrer and Elisabeth Ferrari seeking to deepen her capability harvesting the rich offerings from both fields. She has completed Master level training internationally in Organisational Systems Dynamics and now trains consultants in this field.



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