Serpil Ata

Family/Organizational Constellations Facilitator, Holistic Counsellor

She offers individual and group sessions on Family and Organizational Constellations, bringing systemic awareness to individuals and companies. While working with the issue of the client, she also take into consideration the concept of Ancestor Syndrome of Anne Ancelin Schützenberger and Project Purpose of Marc Fréchet as well as Recall Healing approach of Dr. Gilbert Renaud as well as including the body work and energy work. Based on the systemic perspective, she also developed Language Constellations to work with people who has difficulty in learning a foreign language.

About Serpil Ata

Her main teachers in Family Constellations have been Göksel Karabayır, Rumen Yankulov, Alemka and Max Dauskardt and Svagito Liebermeister. Having completed Professional Trauma Constellations and Identity Oriented Psychotrauma Therapy offered by Prof. Dr. Franz Rupert and Vivian Broughton, On the Organizational Constellations, Cecilio Fernandez Regojo has been her teacher. Jan Jacob Stam, Jane Peterson, Shavasti (John Payne) and Stephanie Hartung are other important names with whom she worked as a translator in Turkey. She is also the founder of Roots Journey School that offers events about Constellation and Awareness work and the head of ISCA Turkey Regional Chapter.

Her passion is to facilitate bringing awareness and making connections. And she has a huge love and respect for the life.




We are the answers of the unresolved issues of our ancestors. In the workshop, I will share some very practical approaches to combine with the constellation work. I will talk about the work Project Purpose of Marc Fréchet and Ancestor Syndrome of Anne Ancelin Schützenberger and the
participants will do a personal work about themselves.

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