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Shirah Shulman


Her greatest passion is to help you achieve inner peace and feel better.​

She had been learning and practicing different modalities since 2005.

Qualifications: BA IBA (Hons); MBA (Hons); Adv.Dip Prof. Counselling; Adv. Dip Trans. Art Therapy; Reiki Master; Theta Healing Master; Family Constellations Facilitator.

About Shirah Shulman

Following a busy business career I decided to pursue my passion and follow my heart. Taking this leap of faith and changing my profession was not easy. However, looking back at my journey over the past 14 years, I feel grateful for everything I have learnt and experienced along the way.

Studying Counselling and Art Therapy gave me solid tools and taught me how to be empathetic and accepting of whatever you bring to the space.

Learning a variety of healing modalities taught me formal techniques to guide how I use my own intuition so we can work together accurately and efficiently to pinpoint the source of your issues and find resolutions.

I am very passionate about facilitating Family Constellations. Experiencing the incredible effect on myself and on my clients of this mode of healing has left me in awe. I have great respect for this deep and meaningful method. I had the privilege to learn from leaders in the field from Sydney, Europe and America and I am happy to bring this knowledge to you.

​​​​I believe that everything you feel has a root cause. This may be an experience from your childhood or a trauma that was passed to you from your ancestors. Finding what these root causes are in your own case will bring you great relief and a sense of inner peace.

​​​​​​​Sometimes all we need is a guiding hand, empathy and clarity. It is my honour and pleasure to be this helping hand for you.


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