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Sian Palmer

Sian Palmer is the Co-Founder of Ancestral Connections and the Founder of Expressive Movement South Africa. Sian has practiced in the field of embodied psychotherapy as a registered Drama and Movement Therapist (MA University of London) since 2009. In 2015, Sian trained in Family Constellations through African Constellations.

About Sian Palmer

Sian’s extensive experience includes individual and group therapy, workshops and training spaces in South Africa and Europe. With her area of expertise firmly established in embodied practice, Sian is passionate about a holistic approach to healing and growth; recognising the importance of connecting with our roots and ancestral lineages, being in community, connecting with nature as a resource, and tapping in to our innate creativity.


Sian will offer an embodiment dance workshop with Tanja Meyburgh

I am, because you are: ancestral connections through movement and dance.
With Tanja Meyburgh and Sian Palmer

This session focuses on returning to our linage roots; to a sense of connection with ourselves, previous generations, and the embodiment of the gifts and resources available to us through perception of the field through guided movement meditation. Many of us experience a sense of separation or loss as we lead more disconnected lives and long for a sense of community and belonging. Reconnection to our body wisdom, reclaiming the lost parts of ourselves, and exploring relationships in this way allows us to live a more embodied, conscious and connected life. It brings us in alignment with our vitality; reconnecting us to our purpose, to the beauty of life, and reawakening in us joy and overall wellbeing.

This is an experiential session that includes music and movement.


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