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Sneh Schnabel

Sneh Schnabel was one of the International Faculty members for the very first Australasian Constellation Intensive at Sydney University in 2011 it’s wonderful to welcome her again from Germany to the now ONLINE Australasian International Systemic Constellation Intensive 2021

Many will remember her wildly adventurous ‘Chaos Constellations’ and ‘Seeing through the eyes of the Soul’. Her way of working with constellations will take you to some interesting edges, as Sneh says ‘secure knowledge’ is prone to being pulled away from under my feet with regularity; and often the opposite of the logical proves correct, but without me being able to rely on it. And, as time goes by, all my convictions about how life ought to work keep losing their grip”.

About Sneh Schnabel

A foundational facilitator and long-term instructor (DGfS) of Systemic Constellation work Sneh has been a guest lecturer and trainer at Institutes in Germany and around the world. She is founder of the School for the Path Less Travelled and initiator and co-director of the conference series: Constellation Work and Spirituality (2004, 2006, 2008).

Between 2008—2016 Sneh was a member of the faculty of the annual “International Intensive” in Bernried. Germany. She is Co-author of ”Derselbe Wind läßt viel Drachen steigen” (The same wind causes many kites to rise), Carl-Auer-Systeme Verlag and ”Returning to Membership in Earth Community: Systemic Constellations with Nature” (available via Amazon) as well as many articles in German and English journals.

Experiences that shaped my work

• Since 2006, learning about the teachings of the ‘Archetypes of the Soul’ through workshops with Hasselmann and Schmolke, and since 2015, exploring and experiencing the ”Michael Teachings” (via Shepherd Hoodwin and others)
• Three years living and working in the Osho meditation and therapy centre Miasto, Tuscany, Italy
• Meeting with Uncle Les Kuloloio and the culture of Hawaii (Maui was second home for 2 years.)
• Workshops / trainings with other cultures and other countries, including with Native Americans on the Colville Reservation of the Confederate Tribes, Washington State, USA
• Voluntary work in prison in Freiburg
• 1980—1990 learning and working in the presence of the Indian mystic Osho, India and the USA

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