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Who am I?

I am a management consultant, Gestalt therapist, DGfS recognised trainer for System and Organisation Constellations and author of several books on systemic subjects. I hold lectures on systemic organisation development at the university and serve as Vice-Chair of ISCA, International Systemic Constellations Association for the development of systemic constellation work all over the world. I am mother of a grown up son and live with my partner in Bruges (Belgium) and Cologne (Germany).

FELD INSTITUT  Systemische Entwicklung für Mensch, Personal und Organisation 

About Stephanie Hartung

Stephanie’s workshop: Who am I and how many?

Identity is the key to existencial healing – The COVID crisis is being fought on two fronts, medical and economic, but most people are suffering psychologically. The word ™existential∫ rarely comes up in normal everyday life, but the crisis has created all the symptoms of existential dread: a sense of futility, anxiety about the human condition, and a deep fear of death. This comes as a shocking occurrence, and if there is such a thing as existential healing, now is the time for it.” – Deepak Chopra 

Based on the words of Deepak Chopra, I will introduce several constellation formats for existencial identity healing. The work is not only helpful in times of crisis but also in the context of general post-traumatic stress disorder.

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