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Susana Sciarresi

Teacher of primary, intermediate and tertiary level. History Teacher.
Postgraduate studies: Society, Educational System and School Institution. Interdisciplinary Studies on Gender Issues. Major in Education in Sustainable Development Environment. Biocentric Education. Biodanza Teacher. Training in Family and Systemic Constellations. Training in Neuro Emotional Integration Therapy.
Trainer of Family Constellations Facilitators.

About Susana Sciarresi

Other work experiences:

Chronicler and director of news service in cable TV Channel 4. Newspapers, radio and TV from 1984 to 2000. Foundress and coordinator of professional staff at Corporis Alma Centre in 1992. Massage therapist. Beekeeper.
Teacher and Academic Coordinator of Training at Centro Latinoamericano de Constelaciones Familiares CLCF since 2014, managed by Tiiu Bolzmann. At present, teacher and director of Centro Latinoamericano de Constelaciones Familiares, CLCF.

Personal search

In 1998, started an inner search path, focused on self-knowledge and development of heart mystic, including meditation practice, silent retreats and self-observation. Since 2014, follows Thomas Hübl´s teachings and the practice of Transparent Communication, participating on his visits to Argentina. In addition, attended online courses on Healing the Past and Conscious Healing, with the accompaniment of Tiiu Bolzmann.

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