Systemic Family Constellations Training: Transform Your Skills with Online Therapy Training


 Join the training any time and complete the requirements for certification at your own pace. Experience profound healing through our comprehensive family constellations training. Dive into the profound insights of systemic family constellations and family constellation therapy with our online training program. 


International Certification in Systemic, Family Constellations 2024

The training is an extraordinary and UNIQUE opportunity to LEARN from esteemed ELDERS, those teaching internationally for over 40 years, and many emerging trainers from diverse backgrounds that offer leading-edge perspectives and innovative approaches to Constellations.

Whether you are seeking a NEW VOCATION as a Systemic Constellation Facilitator, wanting to add to and DEEPEN EXISTING SKILLS and create a meaningful PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT program or choose to gain the skills to improve the relationships in your life, this program will support you.

Value of Learning in Community

You will be joining a COMMUNITY from across the globe, creating connections and support not only from the EXTRAORDINARY FACULTY but also with those you will journey with over the 12 months. It will be powerful and inspiring, PROFESSIONALLY and PERSONALLY. The Connections and friendships created over the year will be deep and soulful and a resource in your ongoing journey with Constellations.

“In doing this kind of work you tread a certain path – you could call it a spiritual path if that word weren’t so inflated.

The more of this work you do the more it forces you into a way of behaving, into understanding, into humility, into a calm composure, and gentleness. In doing the work, your own maturity grows, and the more mature you become the more beautiful the work is”

Bert Hellinger

Meet Our Team of Over 40 Global Presenters

Bertold Ulsamer, Judith Hemming, Dr. Albrecht Mahr, Sneh Schnabel, Guni Baxa, Marianne Franke, Shavasti, William L. Mannle, Anngwyn St Just, Ingala Robl, Svagito Liebermeister, Francesca Mason Boring, Elena Veselago, Suzi Tucker, Yishai Gaster, Netra Chou, Andrea Bosbach Largent, Abdulah Rahmon Abdulah, Dragos Riti, Julio Principe P. Maria Dolenc, Margarete Koenning, Zita Kyomuhendo Wa-Tulyahikayo, Jane Petersen, Mark Wolynn, Leslie Nipps, Dan Cohen, Emily Blefeld and many more throughout the year.

Training and Professional Development

Never before has such a diverse non linea facillitator training been offered, either in person or online.   It’s a completely unique offering , it is both a Certification training to be a Systemic Constellation Facilitator and for those already experienced the most comprehensive Professional Development Program and connection to a GLOBAL COMMUNITY.   Many of those participanting in 2022/2023 are experienced facillitators and trainers of more than 20 years.  All have found it to be completely INSPIRATIONAL!

To be in the CIRCLE with first-generation ELDERS and colleagues from around the world, over a 12 month period, is a powerful learning and healing journey for all involved.

Typical Attendees Include:

Natural TherapistsTeachers and educators
Mental Health PractitionersHypnotherapists, Naturopaths, GPs
Psychologists, Psychotherapists, HypnotherapistsBusiness owners, Team Leaders
Healthcare Practitioners, Integrative MedicineIndividuals who want to create healthy relationships
HR ConsultantsCoaches and facilitators

Course Structure

The course consists of 4 Modules.  A total of 18 training days (plus assignments) is the minimum required to receive Certification as Systemic Constellation Facilitator by the International Faculty.  It’s a non-linear training, you can begin at any time (application required).  Module 4 Advanced is optional and recommended for those wanting to deepen skills for working with groups.

Not sure if this is for you? FREE RECORDINGS with faculty and past graduates of  the Training are available, contact us for details and links


Course Delivery

The training is presented LIVE via zoom. Seminar, experiential exercises, and practice sessions with the trainers and in small study/practice groups in multiple time zones.  All sessions are recorded and available for students within 48 hrs of Live Sessions.


As an International Certification it was vital to provide a minimum of 8 hours LIVE sessions across all time zones , to achieve this each training day is over 16 hours  which makes it DOUBLE the VALUE!  Check out the Training SCHEDULE and the Testamonials from this years participants to understand the amazing LEARNING opportunities you will experience from over 40 International Trainers.  Many of the participants have said connection to a GLOBAL COMMUNITY via the Study/Practice groups has been an additional bonus and blessing. 

If you are looking to add to existing skills, a new profession or simply wanting to deepen your personal journey of self discovery, this program is unique.

2024 Facilitator Certification Training Fees


Modules 1 – 3 Foundation Certificate

18 Days (288 hrs equivalent to 36 days), 90 Training sessions

Disc Fee : $2900USD I  Deposit + Payment plan available

Full fee: $3300USD 

Modules 1 – 4 Advanced Level Certificate

24 Days (384 hrs equivalent to 48 days), 120 Training sessions 

Disc Fee : $3800USD I  Deposit + Payment plan available

Full fee: $4200USD 

Module 1 Only  for personal or professional development or to decide if you want to continue!

Full fee: $1200USD I  $250USD Deposit + Payment plan option





Deposit of $250 USD holds your place. Easy to manage PAYMENT PLANS available.

Module 1 – 3

$2900 USD

Deposit $250 + 6 months

$442 per month

Deposit $250 + 12 months


Deposit $250 + 15 months


Module 1 – 4

$3800 USD

Deposit $250 + 6 months

$592 per month

Deposit $250 + 12 months


Deposit $250 + 15 months


Register with your deposit and request which payment plan, Deposit-Systemic–constellations-facilitator-training *There are no penalty fees for payment plans


Bonus Resources Included 125 Workshop recordings of the International Conference & WCD 2022. Valued @ $355 USD

If you have been wondering if this is for you? Contact to access the powerful 1 hr RECORDED workshops from Faculty and graduates.

Course Dates 2024

As each 2-day training unit is offered over 32 hours (16 hrs per day to cover min 8 hrs LIVE sessions in all time zones), its actually 4-days of learning.  Each day 5 training sessions with 5 skilled trainers, incredible VALUE. 

Module 1 – 30 Training sessions (96 hrs) Can be attend as stand alone for Professional/Personal Development

Feb 24, 25
Mar 23, 24
April 27, 28

Module 2 – 30 Training sessions (96 hrs)

May 25, 26
Jun 29, 30

July 27, 28

Module 3 – 30 Training sessions (96 hrs)

Aug 24, 25
Sept 28, 29

Oct 26, 27

Module 4  – 30 Training sessions (96 hrs)

Nov 23, 24
Dec 14, 15

Jan 17, 18


UBUD, BALI    MAY 11 – 18, 2024

LISBON, PORTUGAL   Sept 12 – 22, 2024


“Being trained by some of the worlds most renowned constellation facilitators, this training really was a once in a lifetime experience. I am so glad I did it and so grateful for all the amazing learning and wisdom that I received from the elders. What a gift. To be able to access the wealth and depth of expertise from all the leading facilitators in just once place has been an exceptional opportunity. Having perfected their art over decades, the information and learning that was imparted to us as the participants is honestly priceless.

All I can say is Thank-you, Thank-you, Thank-you to all those that came up with this grand vision, and all the facilitators who agreed to take part and everyone who made this possible”.  Claire Newell U.K.

 “It was an unparalleled experience. Don’t have enough words to describe how I feel. This programme is just not what anyone could miss. It the most extravagant extraordinary programme I have ever attended”.  Charu Mody  India

What a privilege to learn from the best names in the field. I really enjoyed the diversity of the trainers and feel like the vastness of constellation work and its different modalities, types and approaches were all somehow represented in the training. Each individual lecturer brought their own ways and experiences, exposing us students to a huge variety of styles. This, in turn, has helped me identify my own and build on it.” M.K. Australia

“This training has been full of such a wonderful facilitators all over the world. And it has been an honour to study and listen their teachings, thoughts and experiences. I see how many angles and possibilities is there. Which means that I have gained so much courage to really follow what the field brings to me and also use it. It is a whole year of Christmas, with presents to fill the heart. Thank you!   Jaana Saar, Estonia

It’s been totally beyond my expectations, I am so glad I had the wisdom to join, thank you for bringing this together.   The quality of the presenters just blows me away, soulful, authentic, and everyone has something unique that I am learning so much from,  L. D  Indonesia


7-Day Immersion Training in Ubud, Bali

 The Art, Theory and Practice of Systemic Constellations and its application for Therapy, Coaching, Health and Business.

May 11 to 13, 2024  with Shavasti  – Language of the Soul 

May 14 to 18  4-day Immersion with Ah Fung China, Shavasti UK, Jonine Gabay, Jon Unal  Deepen insights into development of systemic skills for Relationships, Health and Success.

Venue for the Immersion: Ananda Cottages, Ubud  Many low cost accommodation options nearby, and a driver will pick you up from your location anywhere in UBUD. Contact the team for more details.  Flights and accomodation not included


EARLY BIRD both programs 8 -days $1450 USD  

3-days Language of the Soul only $750 USD 

5-day Immersion only $900 USD(accom not included, options avail from $40USD)



Frequently Asked Questions

Can’t find the answers below check out our PDF with more information or contact us Email:

What is my financial commitment and is there any extra fees for a payment plan over 12 months?

A number of payment plan options to suit your budgeting needs with no penalty for time payment. You also have the option to gain Facillitator Certification at your own pace via Recorded training sessions and assessments.

What is my financial commitment and is there any extra fees for a payment plan over 12 months?

A number of payment plan options to suit your budgeting needs with no penalty for time payment. You also have the option to gain Facillitator Certification at your own pace via Recorded training sessions and assessments.

What is my financial commitment and is there any extra fees for a payment plan over 12 months?

A number of payment plan options to suit your budgeting needs with no penalty for time payment. You also have the option to gain Facillitator Certification at your own pace via Recorded training sessions and assessments.

What will be the hours and level of time commitment required by me?

The training is created to suit as much as possible all time zones with over 16 hours of live training sessions. All sessions are recorded to allow for learning at your own pace.   

If I am unable to attend a training session, will there be a replay and or recording available to me?

Yes. ALL training sessions are recorded and made available on the Learning Platform.  You will be able to re-watch and review all training modules during the 12-month period, no need to miss any of the transformational information.

I’m not a therapist, but I want to deepen my own personal work and create healthier relationship dynamics in my life is the International Systemic Constellation Training for me?

Definitely Yes, The training is for therapists and non-therapists alike who want to gain a deeper understanding of how Intergenerational Trauma can cause unconscious entanglements which can affect their relationships, health, and business success. Its is easily integrated into your existing modality.

IN PERSON ADDITIONAL OPTIONS 7-day training in Bali and 10-days in Portugal with Master Facilitators see details

The IN PERSON Intensives in Ubud, Bali and Lisbon, Portugal are OPTIONAL.  You do not have to attend in order to gain certification.  AND the Intensives are  open to those not attending the Certification Training but wanting to LEARN Systemic Skills. 


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