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Tatjana Hannan


Tatjana owner of Sea of Harmony- family and soul healing.

I work with young children and their families since 1988 as an early childhood educator in different roles. In all these years I learned so much about different family structures and experienced life in my own various forms of family.

About Tatjana Hannan

FAMILY is where my heart is and I have grown through the interactions and involvement with children their parents and grandparents, aunts and uncles.

Personal development is not an individual process alone, it touches everyone and everything around us.

Systemic and Family Constellation is a relational modality. As we gain more insight and change perspective, everything and everyone has to change naturally.

Letting the love flow where it was once stuck, creates more fulfilling Lives.

Using Kinesiology and Reiki for decades, systemic family constellation connects all my passions and enriches the services I offer my community.

Kinesiology is the energy modality to bring balance to Body Mind and Emotions tapping into the innate wisdom of our self healing capacity.

Reiki uses Universal energy and I practise hands on as well as distance healing through writing a letter.

I offer regular Systemic Constellation workshops with various themes, to bring people with shared interests together to process and transform relationships. These workshops can be specifically designed for the participants attending and go with “the movements of the soul”.

At Sea of Harmony we offer an experience you will refer to throughout your life after that.

I also offer one on one sessions online as well as in person, preferably on beautiful tropical Magnetic Island in Queensland Australia.

Contact Tatjana

Please use the form to reach out to Tatjana Hannan. She will be in touch with you through email. Alternatively, you may also reach her through the number below.

Business Hours:
Phone: +61 (0)7 4758 1010 / +61 (0)419 353 405

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