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Terry Dika Volchoff

Terry was born, raised and resides in Canada.   

 She has taken many paths in her 25yr. Personal Development  Journey to finally feel how good it feels to feel good.

Over the many years of searching to heal from past trauma Terry  immersed herself in many types of training experiences. Beginning as a Relationship Expert in 1996. 

She has studied for years with gurus in  India and locally, passing the teaching onto others through live meditation classes. 

Her quest also took her to the Amazon to work with Shamans to help her understand and maybe heal a  debilitating illness.

About Terry Dika Volchoff

She is trained and certified in PNRT, Progressive Neural Resolution( inner parts work) and some IFS, Internal Family Systems. And is Certified in Root Healing work.

She has studied with many Family Constellations Facilitators from all over the world. Including a trip to Germany for 7 days of Hellinger Scencia in 2018.

She finally found her way to and trained in, Inner Constellations. Trauma to Essence.

It was through this experience the anxiety that was with her all her life left her with the inner peace she had been searching for. After walking with a limp for 10 yrs, a locked hip from a post chronic Illness released itself as well.

Through this work Terry has discovered there is a part of each and everyone of us that knows the way out of all your life issues.

Terry’s work is trauma and soma informed. She works with clients from all over the world to help them heal their personal and intergenerational trauma. Watching them thrive in making their life passionate and enjoyable is her greatest pleasure.

Terry is available for one on one online sessions and in person. In addition to live workshops she hosts regular on line zoom events and trainings using Inner Constellations as well as traditional Systemic Constellations.

In order to expand the impact and power of this beautiful work I am available to travel anywhere in the world for groups of 10 or more.

Terry believes we no longer have time to wait years to heal. Through experience she has witnessed that everyone knows the way out of their own issues . She also believes each person’s healing is the greatest gift to humanity.

It is Terry’s greatest pleasure to follow her passion and purpose in helping others find their inner core strength. So that they too may enjoy the daily experience of living from that place inside each of us , “it feels good to feel good” and be fully alive because you are capable of finding solutions to all of your own life challenges.

Contact Terry to create your own destiny.

Phone 905-979-7323


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