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Tim Thornton


Hello, I’m Tim Thornton and I work as a Master clinical hypnotherapist/NLP practitioner, adopting psychotherapy techniques and strategies. I’m also trained in the following complementary systems, Family Constellations facilitator. Family Constellations is a systemic psychotherapy that is deep, experiential, brief and profound. Bert Hellinger is the founder of Family Constellations.


About Tim Thornton

The Constellations process is a powerful way to tap into what holds people back from reaching their potential in terms of relationships, success and wellness. Rapid Core Healing facilitator, RCH weaves threads from both past and present-day therapies, neuroscience and epigenetics to form a dual, adaptable modality.

Emotional Mind Integration facilitator, EMI is a complete neurotherapy with its own unique philosophy, theory, process and techniques. EMI locates and resolves the roots of human emotional disturbances and mind-sets to leave you free to fulfil your potential. I also utilise these skills and more to provide a dynamic Success coaching service. I’ve been providing services in Sydney since 2006.

I’m committed to providing the very best service, support and help to all of my clients. Helping them overcome their obstacles, achieve their goals and rediscover their talents and full potential. So they can live their lives as they choose and they deserve.

In addition to extensive therapy time in the clinic with thousands of clients over the years, I’ve been fortunate enough to have trained with some of the world’s leading trainers and facilitators.

This combination of experience has given me the foundation, resources and expertise I need to help my clients achieve their goals and change their lives in the most positive way possible, with whatever modality suits their needs best.

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Please use the form to reach out to Tim Thornton. She will be in touch with you through email. Alternatively, you may also reach her through the number below.

Business Hours: Sunday to Wednesday, 7am till 7pm
Phone: 0424 079 690

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