Tracy Cartwright

Tracy’s colourful journey with trauma and addiction led her to training in Constellations in 2012.  It has since become her passion to guide and support others to find their way to deep insight and healing. Tracy’s love for creating and expressing art has naturally found its way into her Constellation work, bringing with it another layer and a visual portal for somatic alignment.


About Tracy Cartwright

Her earlier professional background is in Aged Living Assistance, Arts Coordination, childcare, supporting adults in spinal and brain injury rehabilitation. Working from her studio at home she practices and performs a number of different healing modalities, playing in the creative fields using sound, intuitive art and guidance. Tracy offers one-on-one sessions, as well as monthly workshops, both online and in person, around New Zealand. She also part of a team of well-being facilitators running retreats around New Zealand and Bali, and co-creator of Lifestyle Hack, which was birthed just after New Zealand’s first lockdown back in April 2020.

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Blessings, Tracy

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