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Constellation Locations

Melbourne, Seaford, Malvern, Daylesford & Ballarat, worldwide- Online

Family Constellations Training:


Einstein said “A problem cannot be solved within the same consciousness in which it was created”.

The thing that inspires me the most is to help give a different perceptive, help you see the things that you might not have seen at first.

There is nothing more rewarding than allowing someone to move beyond what they thought was possible - when they realise 'they' had the potential all along but they just hadn’t accessed it yet.

With 20+ years in the field of management and training. Running a life/business coaching and training business since 2003. Edwina has trained & coached extensively in Australia, and overseas.

Edwina is a Constellations practitioner. A Life and Business Coach, Master Practitioner of NLP and a Meta-States practitioner. A qualified masseur and Reiki practitioner.

With a deep spiritual interest she became very aware the key to helping others and the world was to work on yourself first.

This led to a great interest or quest in how to be in the world interacting with others and still hold that state of being present in that moment. Her interest in human behaviour led to working with people to help them unlock their true potential.

She runs regular Family Constellations workshops and private sessions. Loves to collaborate with other practitioners to co-faciliate workshops. 

"I reached a complete stand still in my life and kept repeating the same patterns. There was so much "stuff" that was coming up all around me from my past and I could no longer carry on with blinkers. Having tried traditional methods before, it was time to try something different and to face/confront these patterns head on. The session I had with Edwina has changed my life. I felt protected and safe during the session (which was important for me) and Edwina said in a few days you may notice "things" start to shift and true to her word, every part of my life that was affected began to change for the better. I do not feel pain, it is more a sense of relief and freedom, of breaking free from my past. I have now made some important decisions in my life and new opportunities have since presented themselves. I have Edwina to thank and myself for taking the courage and for having faith to try something different. I highly recommend Constellations to anyone who wants to see a change for the better take place so quickly and effectively."
M.R.E ( N.Z )


Our family had fallen apart... Our daughter, whom we wrongly assumed was the cause of all the trauma in the family is addicted to alcohol and drugs and suffers major depression. I was consumed with anger, my son had moved away geographically with little contact and my husband had shut off emotionally. Following almost three decades of struggling, during which we consulted a number of psychiatrists, psychologists and counsellors, I met Edwina who introduced me to Family Constellations. After our first session with Edwina, my husband and I realised that the cause of our suffering went back further than just our daughter's addiction and we managed to clear some past trauma dating back to our parents and grandparents.

After almost thirty years our daughter has decided to seek rehabilitation. One session with Edwina has set her on a path to change. My husband is now more emotionally open towards me and our children and my anger has subsided. I accept that this is a gradual process but the results have been evident. Edwina is passionate about helping people and I highly recommend a constellation with her.


Thanks Edwina, the work you did with me has answered the previously unsolved mysteries of my life.
I believe it was absolutely life changing!
Thank you so much. I will be sending other people to you no doubt as l share my journey with others.
Helen (Vic)


Since I have been doing constellations for myself with Edwina my brother who has had a problem with alcohol for many years has decided to get help. Alcohol addiction has been in my family for at least 3 generations and it is so good that my work on myself has helped the whole family.
K.H (Vic)


"Participating as a representative during constellations is a profound experience. Not only do people's issues come to the open but I feel the energy shifts and the intense feelings of the person being constellated. This in turn resonates with my case and resolves my own issues with previous partners and my late parents concerning their wartime survival. The workshop energy stays with me for days after and I am eager to attend the next workshop to have more insights."

Edwina's constellations will go beyond conventional therapies reaching a depth of experience you did not think was possible, expanding your horizons beyond the norm."
Peter (Vic)


I lived most of my life with the shame of being sexually abused. I have tried so many methods to find some relief and peace, to be able to move on with my life.

Family Constellations had an impact on my life that I didn't think possible. It has changed my outlook on life, and my relationships. I finally feel I can live the life I now know I deserve.

L. F. (Sydney)


It was like my life was unfolding before my eyes. The resolution was something I would never have thought possible. It changed my life and relationships The people involved weren't even at the workshop. Amazing!

S. W ( Sydney)