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Constellation Locations

Perth, Western Australia and other Australia States and Cities

I am able to go to other countries to run events.



I am a unique and heartfelt Leading Australian Transformational Expert. Over 25 years I have been working with people across Australia and Internationally and I take clients on a journey to understand what is blocking them and then clear away their DNA, their neural pathways, and cellular memory regarding thoughts, emotions and behavior etc. This transforms their connection with success, life, relationship, business, abundance and leadership. I have the capacity to hold the space for people to clear their ‘success barriers' is profound.

I am thought provoking, inspiring and impactful and I have an ability to maintain a powerful connection to present a ‘Left of Field’ approach. I assist those that have ‘gained and lost’ or sabotaged their success and wealth or who have pushed so hard to succeed and then burned out, or they have not found their way to the next level. 

I clear away the backlog within their DNA and other capacities, then they head toward their true potential which provides a foundation for growth and authenticity as well as business and personal success.

My unique ability to transform client’s lives is via seminars or taking them on their journey so they go to the 'next level' is outstanding. I have a commitment to my client’s true self and I am passionate and engaging Transformational Expert who stays connected with whoever I have worked with.

The leaders and people I work with, often refer to me as not just ‘a Coach’ but as a powerful Transformational Expert and Facilitator regarding Constellation and DNA and this is because of the breakthroughs and success they achieve in working with me. My clients are committed to doing their job or business properly or are endeavouring to set up a business or are Entrepreneurs or people who are making a difference in the world; but when they start working with me, they’re exhausted and this impacts on their relationships and their health and whatever else is going wrong.

Some of my clients have even reached the point where they are beginning to question whether they’ve got it wrong. I take them on a journey to shift and change their DNA etc. My coaching is specialized and powerful and it is inclusive of Family Constellation etc. When you understand how and why you’ve been making the decisions you’ve made in the past, I then guide you to re-program yourself so you can experience freedom within yourself and your future.

Years ago, I tried to change the world “one person at a time”, however, I realized the most powerful way to do this is by working with leaders or people who care and want to make a difference in the world. When I assist leaders and heart-centred people to transform their lives and DNA etc the impact filters through to those around them, ie their team, colleagues, family, relationships or friends.

I’ve spent decades looking at patterns of success, human behaviour, DNA, Family Systems, elite performance, neurological programming, how your unconscious works and so much more. I love freeing people from old patterns and stresses and ensuring they are aligned to the future they want.

I’ve assisted many leaders and people to breakthrough their stuff using Constellation etc. I connect with clients so they experience and learn at a much deeper level; no-one ever gets lost when working with me and I do not take my clients through what I have not already done for myself.

If you wish to do a Free 15 minute chat with me to work things out, then click on this link below:

“Jen is an exceptional coach, facilitator and individual. Jen has a unique set of skills and unrivaled intuition, that allows her to get to the heart and your blocks and DNA and sub-conscious challenges. With Jen’s assistance I have been able to heal and move forward which has had a remarkable impact on my business as well. I can’t recommend Jen highly enough.” Nicole Ashby, Founder and Director at High-Profit Media

“Jen is a very rare leader and one I highly recommend. She shifts and changes DNA and Neural Pathways etc. If you are not experiencing the results you want, in every area of your life. If you want someone who will cut through your BS and help you get the results you want (working with you from an incredible place of love), contact Jen and talk to her about what’s going on for you; it will be one of the best decisions you make.” Sean ‘TS’ Redmond, Business Strategist & Author (Sydney)

“I worked with Jen extensively on freeing up old habits and thought patterns that were clearly inhibiting me from reaching my optimal happiness and wellbeing as well as effecting my work performance and results. I was and am simply amazed at how her Constellation techniques reflect what I needed and were consistently effective. I would strongly recommend her to anyone who wants to experience more; more peace and joy, more efficiency and more focus as a leader who is open to other people’s perspectives and makes better decisions.” Dave – Entrepreneur, Bali

“Time invested with Jen Froome is indeed well spent. She has helped me face and let go of deep grief that I had carried within me since I was 16, when my dad died on dinghy as we were about to pull the cray pots. Jen’s wisdom and methodology is unlike anything I’ve experienced and her generosity of spirit makes her one of the more remarkable women leaders I have had the pleasure of meeting. I highly recommend you tap into Jen’s unique gift to identify and unblock any barriers lurking within you, to help you achieve whatever “success” you want in your life.” Lyn (Walster) Hawkins, Director of Business Women Australia & Regional Director of both The Marketing Director Centre & The Sales Director Centre

“Jen is leadership and transformational expert who will help you identify who you really are and help you take big strides in the right direction. I loved Jen’s direct, but gentle style and her diverse methods and approach helped me work out where I wanted to go and how to get there. She works with shifting the DNA using Constellation.” Gry Stene, Director and CTO at KinChip Systems, and Workplace Mentor To Women and Students

“If you’re wanting to take that next step towards success in whatever area in your life, whether it be finance, business, relationships, health, Jen is there to help with an open heart. Having personally hired Jen to coach me, I found her depth and understanding of how life works pretty amazing. Jen has a natural ability to understand and dig deeper into the root cause of things that hold people back, including doing Family Constellation and then help them make change in the most patient loving way. Thank you Jen! You’re awesome!” Kelvin Chong, Owner, Photographer, Image Style Studio

“Jen has a fabulous method for freeing people from old patterns of thought or behaviour that are holding them back, and guiding them to create new pathways to achieve the success and the life they desire. I can highly recommend her both on a personal level and as a presenter.” Leo O’Reilly, Senior Consultant, Gibsons Consulting and Marketing Services (Qld)

“I have been working with Jen for almost 6 months now and I she has had a dramatic effect on my life. She provides a space where you can discover your true self and become comfortable with who you really are. She has a unique ability to really get to the real issue and she has the tools and techniques to help you though blockages and shift and change your DNA and do Family Constellation processes. Jen is a loving person with a genuine desire to help people and make a difference.” Anton Menkveld, Marketing Automation Consultant & Coach, Infusionsoft Certified Consultant, Entrepreneur

“Working with Jen has been one of the best investments I have ever made. I came from being someone who was stressed, lost and unsure about what it is that I really wanted out of life, and have now got a clear direction on what I really want to do with my life. The clarity had come from clearing out old thought patterns that were holding me back and having Jen there to guide me on what she could visibly see without judgment. She has a heart of gold but will shoot the truth straight at you so you can move forward quicker. It was an amazing journey and I am reaping the rewards of the investment into myself daily, and I only have Jen to thank. She is extremely knowledgeable, non-judgmental and receives my highest possible recommendation for anyone to work with her.” Brett Ellis, Business Owner and Coach

“I can remember looking out over a chasm that went further than the eye could see and which was deeper than time itself. I had come to the end of my road, my mind was a mess with the constant clutter of thoughts, and I couldn’t feel a thing. Then a voice said “step this way”. So started a wonderful journey with Jen that gave me back my heart and my deep lost feelings using Family Constellation and NLP etc. I knew that there was a way to find myself, and this time I had found a process that Jen unfolded to me that I knew would save me from a bleak heartless future. She seemed to “KNOW” were I was coming from and where I wanted to be and each step forward I could see more and feel more, I was finally on a path that I felt was true and right. I feel great now, I can see when a path unfolds in front of me, and how I can make the choice to go into either with full knowledge and confidence. My mind is clearer and my thoughts less cluttered and my DNA is shifted way deep down and I am finally running my business with more heart and less reactional mind. I would like to say “Thank you Jen” for giving me back my life. To you who are reading this, I wish the same, and know it will be if you let her make the “step” with you.” James Vote, CTO Co-Founder TriniTEQ International

“Throughout my life, I had been intermittently driven by high amounts of anxiety, depression and fear. Thoughts and feelings of worthlessness and inferiority were never far away. Post a major episode of depression and anxiety where the black hole threatened to envelop me completely (needing 6 months off work), and a breakdown of a 12 year relationship, I was introduced to Jen by a dear friend. I have worked with Jen for over a year. I can honestly say she saved my life and helped me to find out who I actually was, and wanted to be. Jen used techniques which I had read about, understanding the theory, however was unable to pull all the pieces of the puzzle together and implement. I have developed resilience, found a bravery and honesty that I never thought I had, and I now know what the REAL meaning of authenticity and congruence is. What integrity is. My spirituality has strengthened, as has my passion for making a difference in people’s lives.” Jane Armstrong, Mentor and Strategist at The Armstrong Agency

“I used to be a quiet and reserved person who accepted life as it came but wanted more in regards to finances, career opportunities, relationships etc. Since working with Jen through Family System Seminars and coaching, I have come to learn a lot about me. The changes in my life are profound. My relationships are deeper and more meaningful. I work in a wonderful place where I have the freedom to do all the things I want to do. I have lost weight and feel fantastic. My finances have expanded. I have learned to reach out for the things I want in my life and to be content and grateful with where I am presently. Jen operates like a fine doctor, expertly cutting to the cause of the issue and enabling a fast healing.” Rhoda Downie, Mortgage Broker & Property Investor

“Jen is a highly skilled life coach and Constellation Facilitator and I continue to receive life changing ongoing benefit from her skills, knowledge and training. I highly recommend her serviced to anyone, especially when you are ‘stuck’ and need insight into how to move forward.” Dee O’Neill, Hepatology Administrator