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Constellation Locations

Australia, Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne

Yildiz Sethi is a Family Constellations Trainer and facilitator w holding workshops training and private sessions.   She is a thought Leader, Educator, Facilitator, Author and Speaker living in Brisbane, Australia.

Coming from a teaching background as a physics and chemistry teacher Yildiz arrived at a sensitive point in her life where she met two Vedic Astrologers in one week. This was the beginning of a change of direction. She went home with a Vedic astrology course and became fascinated with karmic cycles. She developed a passion in how to release herself and others from negative karmic patterns. Yildiz came to view these as psychological and emotional limitations of the mind that we have the ability to release and change. In this she is an innovator and problem solver in focussing on how the brain and emotions shape who we are. Her focus is to enable people to take back their personal power.

Yildiz became a counsellor and then embarked on a search to find the most effective methodologies to facilitating change. In this she became a hypnotherapist, NLP practitioner and Family Constellations facilitator and trainer. She specialised in Methods of Counselling as an educator at the College Applied Psychology for 8 years.

Putting all of this together Yildiz founded two psychotherapies Emotional Mind Integration (EMI) and Rapid Core Healing (RCH) and is the author of 3 books.

These modalities provide powerful change and facilitate self-healing in 3-5 sessions for a wide range of issues and trauma in more than 95% of the people she works with. (Excluding serious DSM5 conditions.) For details of all of her services see

Yildiz runs a private practice and is an educator and trainer of Family Constellations, EMI and RCH and holds Family Constellations workshops in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne Australia. Yildiz provides training for ‘people who help people’ such as coaches, educators and psychotherapists.

Yildiz holds range of systemic training, Family Constellations Foundation and Advanced, Business Constellations, Wellness and Dis- Ease Constellations.

Yildiz is the Author of

Rapid Core Healing Pathways to Growth and Emotional Healing:

Using the unique dual approach of: Family Constellations and

Emotional Mind Integration for personal and systemic health.

Stardust on the Spiritual Path

Be Rich AND Spiritual

Her books are available on Amazon and you may find details of her sessions and training on

'Yildiz teaches a clean, safe and thoroughFamily Constellations training. Brilliant in giving you both the basics straight through to the advanced. Highly recommended.' Toni Neill Events Director. Completed Foundation and Business Constellations training Family Constellations practitioner

"I feel a great deal of gratitude and abundance in my heart. The love and connection from my father has become a potent component which will continue to drive me further in my life towards more personal success and fulfillment" Sophie Birgen psychotherapy;post, coach , trainer. Completed Foundation, Advanced Deepening, Business and Wellness and Disease training.Family Constellations practitioner

Yildiz's training is not only practical and easy to understand, the experiential component is invaluable both from the client and practitioner perspectives. Her knowledge and experience are shared with great clarity allowing for a unique learning experience. Melissa Stinson, Coach, Has completed Foundation and Business Constellations Family Constellations practitioner

"Very privileged to be part of this Foundation course and very grateful for the teachings which are amazing" Suzan Hassan Hypnotherapist, Pranic Healer living in UK Family Constellations practitioner

It felt like gathering in our tribe, full of gratitude, growth, support, love, compassion and knowledge. Now at the end of the 9th day feeling nourished, lighter, in burdens, full of knowledge and confidence and grounded in excitement. Gamze Cassandra Evren. Yoga teacher. Completed Foundation, Advanced Deepening, Business and Wellness and Disease training. Family Constellations practitioner