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Constellation Locations

Summer in Dublin, Ireland and winter (Dec through April) in Rishikesh and Auroville, India. Zoom and Skype worldwide!

Doctor of Chiropractic degree studied at Palmer College, USA in the 1980’s.

Upledger and Biodynamic Cranio

“Healer Idealist” score on Kiersey Personality Test

Working with Family Constellation in most one on one treatments for 15 years.

Most recently studies with Svagito Leibermeister and Vedanta Suravi.

The work is called Divine Clearing



Dr Murphy has had many incredible results from her holistic massage and spiritual treatments over the years ... please see below for some excerpts from grateful clients.

Thank you.
You are a wonderful teacher and guide. I appreciate your help and presence so much. I think I knew you were there for me before I even reached out - that's a great feeling to have.
Just spoke to Betsy in the south island which was also a wonderful help. I think you have bought us together in a way that otherwise may have taken us a long time to find this closeness.

"I have Yvonne to thank for bringing me out of extremely painful times.  I’ve generally suffered quite a lot in the past from pain in various joints and have been to god knows how many different specialists to look at various problems but no-one has ever known what was wrong with me. It was February last year and my RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury) had got so bad that I wasn’t sure who to turn to or what to do. I couldn’t sit at my computer at work any more and thought I might have to leave my job. I could barely sleep at night the pain was so bad. I’d been to see joint specialists acupuncturists, osteopaths, naturopaths, you name it, but no-one was helping. If there was a pain scale I’d say I was at the 95% mark.

A friend recommended that I went to see Yvonne, so I thought a different method of healing was worth a shot seeing as nothing else was working. It was the best decision I ever made. I had a one and a half hour session with the lovely Yvonne. I walked into the room and briefly told her what the problem was and an hour and a half later I walked out of the room and said goodbye to all that pain there and then. Just like that. Yvonne has a real gift and I would recommend to everyone and anyone to go and see her. I went from a 95% pain level that was on my mind every minute of every day to these days feeling a bit of pain every now and then. Life has completely changed for me since then – (trying here not to sound cheesy) my mind and my body are free to enjoy whatever comes my way without having pain in the way." - Betsy, Auckland

"Was great meeting you after hearing so much positivity from Betsy. You're a very special lady! Thanks so much for our session." - Kate Joseph

"Yvonne is a true healer! I came to Yvonne in a pretty bad state, recovering from thyroid cancer & associated surgery & treatment. I was suffering headaches all day everyday, feeling nauseous, toxic and completely depleted. I feel as if Yvonne has helped to put me back together...I feel better than ever before! Vibrantly healthy, happy, energised, at peace...I feel brand new! From my first session with Yvonne, profound shifts began to occur and I've continued to feel better and better. It has amazed me how totally powerful & effective Yvonne's method of healing has been-it has felt like a true miracle in my life. I feel blessed to have crossed paths with Yvonne. Thank You." - Kristin