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Veronica King

She is a South African communications specialist, master facilitator, executive coach and social justice advocate. She is the founder and CEO of Emuthini Consulting which she established in 2002. Veronica has worked across a wide range of sectors and has developed a deep knowledge of organisational development and leadership. Drawing upon extensive institutional and organisational experience at senior executive level, locally and abroad, her recent and current portfolio of work engages primarily with issues of social justice, diversity, equity and inclusion with both private and public sector clients. In recent years her work has become increasingly engaged with addressing these issues in education, policy and governance.

About Veronica King

Veronica has coached professionally for 15 years. This work has embraced a wide clientele including middle management, senior executives, barristers and high court judges. She has a number of coaching qualifications including the following :

  • CTI Co-Active Coaching
  • CRR Global – ORSC (Organisational Relationship System Coaching)
  • Nancy Kline’s Time to Think Coaching
  • Systemic Constellations for Coaches

Veronica’s coaching is distinguished by her extensive international experience and her mastery of the range of coaching methodologies that she employs, enhanced by her Family Constellations training.  

Veronica has worked in South Africa and internationally; in the United Kingdom and on projects in the USA, India, Turkey, Israel, Dubai, Nigeria, Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia, Mozambique and Swaziland. Her work is driven by a deeply held commitment to social justice and transformation in South Africa and globally. 

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