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7-Day Immersion UBUD, Bali September 1 to 8

Therapy for Therapists UBUD, Bali September 11 to 17
ONLINE International Systemic Constellation Conference Sept 22 to 25

IN PERSON Australasian Constellation Intensive Nov 28 to Dec 1, 2023 (Sydney CBD)


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‘Embodies the heart of constellation work’

Dean Mason

Leadership Coach, Supervisor, Spiritual Director,

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Since 2011 this Intensive has been essential for my ongoing development as a practitioner of systemic work. The thing I have valued most is the connection it has provided with the first and second generation of teachers who trained under Bert Hellinger. In my experience, they embody the heart of constellation work and make it accessible for me and hundreds of others to learn, be nourished and be guided, in navigating new horizons of my own professional practice. Being immersed in this with a community of colleagues with diverse backgrounds and professional interests only amplifies all the richness that flows. As the practice of systemic work continues to flourish in many different and wonderful directions, this Intensive provides me with a sense of deep connection to some core values and practices that fuel this vitality.

‘Dynamic process of Constellations that was gifted to the world by Bert Hellinger’


Yildiz Sethi

Systemic Trainer, Psychotherapist, Australian Faculty Member and Trainer,

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The Australasian Systemic Constellation intensive is an ideal forum where hearts, minds and souls can connect in sharing, learning and the pure enjoyment of the dynamic process that was gifted to the world by Bert Hellinger.

The Constellation process continues to deepen, expand and adapt to our growth at this pivotal point in human history. A perfect forum to experience the resilience of the human spirit and the importance of love, connection and acceptance of our lineage as individuals, tribes and this special place Australia, that cannot be over emphasised at this time. Constellation theory and practice coming into its own in assisting the nation in holding a safe-space for reconciliation, respect and peace with our indigenous peoples, culture, country and land, as peoples of the world.

Constellations providing us all in Australia with a mature, grounded and humble way for dealing with the guilt and shame of our colonial history, could be a key avenue to moving on into a new day in this place. Starting with individuals, groups, organisations to the nation. Perhaps then we can join together in our love of this special land, its deep culture of our ancient peoples, in connecting with country, flora and fauna and universal energy as we become one. We are in a special time where each area of the world is challenged with daring to truly look at itself and make choices for how they would like to be. For us the ASCI is a great space for existing facilitators to come together for growth and sharing and for new people to sample and explore and start their journey in the constellation field.

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