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IN PERSON Australasian Constellation Intensive Feb 7 to 13, 2022
ONLINE International Systemic Constellation Conference August 8 to 13, 2022 

March – June

Group mentoring, practice and support for ongoing integration and healing.

Weekly ONLINE circles x 12 lead by different facilitators in different time zones
First Circles March 27 – 28 / Support for ongoing integration and healing, practice, supervision and mentoring, different facilitators leading in multiple time zones.

Feb 20 – 21, 2021

‘Living in the Field’ Enhancing Relationships,
Health and Success

International Presenters include Dr Karl-Heinz Rauscher, Cecilio Regojo, Yishai Gaster, Elena Veselago, Yildiz Sethi, Jonine Lee Gabay, Karin Dremel, Nir Esterman, Terry Dika Volchoff, Chayanika Bhiwaniwala, Seda Rodop Soran and more.

Feb 25 – mar 3, 2021

Online Systemic Constellation Training

Join us for a UNIQUE and outstanding learning experience with Master Trainers in Systemic, Family, Structural & Organizational Constellations
JULY 23 – 26, 2021

In Person Systemic Constellation Training
Crows Nest, Sydney NSW

Over 20 Systemic Constellators offering unique opportunities for learning new Skills in working 1:1, online, with couples and group dynamics. Powerful opportunities for insight and new perspectives on life’s challenges.

Limited numbers book early


October 12 – 16, 2022

Crows Nest Community Centre, Sydney NSW

Sarah Peyton

International speaker, author, neuroscience educator and internationally certified trainer in Nonviolent Communication. Her book, “Your Resonate Self: Guided Meditations to Engage your Brain’s Capacity for Healing”, was published by W. W. Norton.

Clearing the Circuits of Emotion and Motivation with Contracts and Constellations: Leveraging Neuroscience for Healing
6 Day Training with Sarah Peyton

How do difficult events impact children? How can we know whether or not kids have taken an emotional hit from a traumatic moment? And what can we do to make our kids more resilient?

In this free talk, Sarah Peyton brings her unique wisdom, born of a deep understanding of neuroscience combined with her skills in Nonviolent Communication (NVC) and constellation work, to audiences worldwide. She shows how compassion and empathy transform the brain and how we can awaken inspiration and courage, transforming our lives with peace, security, and understanding.

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Mark Wolynn

Mark Wolynn is a leading expert in the field of inherited family trauma. As director of The Family Constellation Institute in San Francisco, he trains clinicians and treats patients struggling with depression, anxiety, obsessive thoughts, fears, panic disorders, self-injury, chronic pain and persistent symptoms and conditions.

He has taught at the University of Pittsburgh, the Western Psychiatric Institute, Kripalu, The Omega Institute, The New York Open Center, and The California Institute of Integral Studies.

“Mark’s uncanny ability to uncover the essential dynamics operating beneath physical complaints is nothing short of miraculous.” – Bruce Hoffman, The Hoffman Centre for Integrative Medicine.

3-day Master Class Training
Learn effective ways to break inherited patterns of suffering with
Mark Wolynn

Mark Wolynn is offering ONLINE trainings for the foreseeable future, we hope to welcome him back to Australia again soon, register your interest for future events by contacting us.

Whether you’re already working with people or just want to learn more, this professional development course is a fast track to deepening your clinical skills.

  • Learn to recognize the Four Unconscious Themes that can affect health, vitality, success and relationships.
  • Learn the Core Language Approach—a specific method of questioning designed to quickly reveal the source of an issue.
  • Learn how to identify trauma language that lives beneath the client’s story.
  • Learn how to track the words, fears, symptoms and behaviors that lead to unresolved traumas in the family history.
  • Learn how to create effective treatment plans that include dialogue, imagery, ritual, healing sentences, body-centered exercises and other practices based in neuroscience.
  • Learn how to design individualized homework assignments that allow new images and sensations to be anchored in the body.
Anngwyn St Just (PhD)
Trauma and Relationships
2 Day Post Intensive Workshop
Anngwyn St Just (PhD)
Trauma and Relationships

(New dates for an online workshop to be advised)
Castlereagh Boutique Hotel, Sydney CBD NSW


Dates to be confirmed

Stephan Hausner

Experience the presence and skill of a Master Facilitator of Systemic/Family Constellations. Stephan Hausner is a world renowed facilitator, leading trainings in 45 countries on 5 continents in this innovative phenomenlogical approach to transformation.

His background in traditional Chinese Medicine, Homeopathy and Osteopathy over the past 30 years is the perfect foundation to give voice to the connectedness of symptons and transgenerational trauma that inhibits us to live our potential. Stephan also trained with various teachers in Humanistic Psychology and Mindfulness-Based Therapy with Mike Boxhall and Thomas Huebl.

The Art of Transformation in Systemic Constellation Work
Stephan Hausner


Using essential principles of Transformation-Oriented Systemic Constellation work, deep inner listening and attunement to the body’s core needs will allow us to open to a deeply transformational space for the healing of transgenerational trauma and release of entanglements limiting relationships, health and living life fully.

Learning, Healing and Evolving are one basic motion.

Through Systemic Thinking, Constellations and Transparent Communication participants will resolve issues and allow the unfolding of their deeper potential, personally and professionally.

Vivian Broughton

A psychotherapist since 1989, and has been a continuing student of Ruppert’s work since 2004. She works in London at The Centre for Healthy Autonomy, and runs an annual education course, supervision, and advanced practitioner seminars.

Vivian has edited all of the English translations of Ruppert’s books, and has written three books of her own. She works regularly in several other countries, including Singapore, Turkey, The Netherlands and Germany, and regularly visits other countries.



Identity-Oriented Psychotrauma Therapy
Vivian Broughton

“Everything you need to know for your own healing is within you, and you can access this when you are ready to take the risk.” – Franz Ruppert

(New dates for an online workshop to be advised)
Crows Nest, Sydney NSW

Identity-oriented Psychotrauma Therapy (IoPT) is founded on the theories and practice developed by Professor Dr Franz Ruppert over the past 25 years, and is articulated in his books, seven of which are currently available in English, with another due in 2020.

IoPT Theory is based on a specific understanding of what trauma is, and an understanding of how early traumatic experiences fracture our identity, our sense of who we really are, and have a profound effect on our life.

Surviving trauma is a matter of psychological splitting, suppressing the feelings, and the development of distractive and avoidant strategies so as to keep the unresolved trauma experience out of conscious awareness.

There are three unspoken questions that dominate the life of the unborn, newly created child:

Am I wanted?

Am I loved?

Am I safe?

If the answer to any one of these is ‘no’, this constitutes a trauma for the helpless and utterly dependent baby.

The Intention Method is the development of Franz Ruppert as a means of accessing unconscious, split off information. The ‘constellation’ process is taken from Family Constellations, but the theory is quite different. The process that we set up is an intra-psychic process. It starts with a stated intention of the person, and allows for an exploration of the psyche.

Elena Veselago
Elena Veselago is a leading Russian constellations facilitator, leader and organizer of the Russian Professional Constellation Community. Studying with Bert Hellinger, Elena then continued her education with the most important international constellations masters. Elena is a regular presenter at international professional conferences in Europe, the USA, and Australia.
Mother, Father, Me – 2 Day Workshop
Elena Vesalago

This is the image our life begins with, this image that will be with us forever. The source of our greatest love and our deepest pain reside inside of this ‘triangle’.

(New dates for an online workshop to be advised)
Crows Nest Community Centre, Sydney NSW

Combining her deep sensitivity to the knowing eld, knowledge of systemic laws and access to great resources of both humanity and nature, Elena created her own style of doing constellations as well as developing a correspondent vocabulary of definitions and techniques that serve their integration.

What People Say

Previous Participants Experiences

‘Embodies the heart of constellation work’

Dean Mason

Leadership Coach, Supervisor, Spiritual Director, https://leadingwellgroup.com.au/who-we-are

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Since 2011 this Intensive has been essential for my ongoing development as a practitioner of systemic work. The thing I have valued most is the connection it has provided with the first and second generation of teachers who trained under Bert Hellinger. In my experience, they embody the heart of constellation work and make it accessible for me and hundreds of others to learn, be nourished and be guided, in navigating new horizons of my own professional practice. Being immersed in this with a community of colleagues with diverse backgrounds and professional interests only amplifies all the richness that flows. As the practice of systemic work continues to flourish in many different and wonderful directions, this Intensive provides me with a sense of deep connection to some core values and practices that fuel this vitality.

‘Dynamic process of Constellations that was gifted to the world by Bert Hellinger’


Yildiz Sethi

Systemic Trainer, Psychotherapist, Australian Faculty Member and Trainer, https://familyconstellations.com.au

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The Australasian Systemic Constellation intensive is an ideal forum where hearts, minds and souls can connect in sharing, learning and the pure enjoyment of the dynamic process that was gifted to the world by Bert Hellinger.

The Constellation process continues to deepen, expand and adapt to our growth at this pivotal point in human history. A perfect forum to experience the resilience of the human spirit and the importance of love, connection and acceptance of our lineage as individuals, tribes and this special place Australia, that cannot be over emphasised at this time. Constellation theory and practice coming into its own in assisting the nation in holding a safe-space for reconciliation, respect and peace with our indigenous peoples, culture, country and land, as peoples of the world.

Constellations providing us all in Australia with a mature, grounded and humble way for dealing with the guilt and shame of our colonial history, could be a key avenue to moving on into a new day in this place. Starting with individuals, groups, organisations to the nation. Perhaps then we can join together in our love of this special land, its deep culture of our ancient peoples, in connecting with country, flora and fauna and universal energy as we become one. We are in a special time where each area of the world is challenged with daring to truly look at itself and make choices for how they would like to be. For us the ASCI is a great space for existing facilitators to come together for growth and sharing and for new people to sample and explore and start their journey in the constellation field.