Yildiz Sethi

Born in UK. Living in Australia since 1986.

Pracademic in Trauma and Sexual Abuse Recovery and founder of psychotherapies and

Yildiz’s thirst and curiosity for knowledge including the spiritual, science and what makes
people tick, has led her on a diverse journey where Systemic Constellations has been a
central part of her work. She brings theory and practice together in tangible ways that are
replicable and deliver results and enjoys sharing her knowledge.

About Yildiz Sethi

Recent roles

 Owner of New Dawn Recovery From Sexual Abuse clinic providing sessions and training for those who wish to specialise in this area.
 Founder of two Psychotherapies. Emotional Mind Integration and Rapid core Healing
 Author of three books. Two Personal and Spiritual development and one on her new psychotherapy innovations. All involving aspects of constellation work.
 Systemic Constellations workshops and private sessions for 15 years.
 Trainer and educator. Trainer of Systemic Constellations, Emotional Mind Integration and Rapid core Healing, Educator at ACAP Australian College of Applied Psychology where she specialised in Methods of Counselling for eight years.
 Former Physics/chemistry and multicultural religion teacher.
 Vedic Astrologer
 Psychotherapist since 2000
 Clinical hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner.


 Master of Counselling
 Bachelor of Education
 Diploma Clinical Hypnotherapy.
 NLP practitioner
 Ego State Therapy
 Svagito Leibermeister, Bert Hellinger primary trainings and many other International Constellations trainings.

Yildiz runs a private practice and training business. Her intention is to share her knowledge so that the public may become empowered in their growth and healing as a natural part of their human experience towards fulfilling their purpose on their spiritual path.

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