Yishai Gaster

Yishai Gaster is an international Constellations trainer and facilitator since 2002 and founder of The Constellation’s Path – Institute for the Study of Systemic Constellations, founded in Israel in 2006 and co-founder of ReMind – A Constellations based consulting agency for organizations. He has been practicing Systemic Constellations since 1996.

To his work, he brings extensive clinical experience with individuals and groups as a graduate of the Chiron Center for Holistic Psychotherapy (UK) and a UKCP integrative psychotherapist (1999-2007).

His organizational experience he gained from serving as a VP in Columbia Marketing, a major book company in the UK for over ten years and a consultant and trainer within the organizational field since 2007.


About Yishai Gaster

He grew up on a Kibbutz in the Galilee region of Israel. In his adult life he lived in the UK for eighteen years, in Japan for one year and in Silicon Valley California for three years. Currently he lives in Israel with his family in the region of his youth.

His work with Systemic Constellations started in the UK in 1996 where as a young psychotherapist he saw Bert Hellinger, Father of Systemic Constellations, demonstrate his work.

“Seeing Hellinger’s work for the first time felt like a quantum leap in the therapy field. I could see most of the wisdom originating from the different schools of therapy, namely: Psychoanalysis, Jungian Analysis, Gestalt Psychotherapy, Psychodrama, Family therapy Body Psychotherapy, all converge into a simple and profound process.”

Went to a number of workshops with Bert Hellinger and in 2001 continued to a full training with Dr. Albrecht Mahr. Later on, in 2005 he trained with Jan Jacob Stam and other leaders of this work in the Organizational application of Systemic Constellation.

With the Constellation work Yishai has trained therapists and organizational consultants from different backgrounds and methodologies; giving seminars in the Hebrew University; Ministry of Education; to social workers in developing communities, to therapists from various backgrounds, and finding ways of mutual enrichment with other schools of therapy, namely The Israeli Academy of Focusing and The Israeli School of Biosynthesis. The ‘Constellations’ work was also integrated into the Doula and birth work where it is now accepted as an important tool in the field.

With between 80 to 100 trainees yearly, ISSCI, is a thriving community with diverse trainers and facilitators from different professional backgrounds and interests, who teach the constellation work in their own unique style while staying deeply connected with and inspired by the original teachings of Bert Hellinger . They develope niche application of the constellation work in fields such as:

In Family Constellations: Midwifery, Doulas and child-birth workers, Focusing, Body Psychotherapy, Parenting, Business, womanhood and the feminine and more.

In Organizational Constellations: Constellations and HR, Constellations and Leadership, Constellations career, Constellations in Research and Development, and Constellations in resolving Organizational issues.

Yishai carries on the constellation work in many fields, aspiring to continue, develop and promote Systemic Constellations work and thought in all its different aspects in different fields of society; from the caring professions to the organizational, the educational, the political and the scientific fields. Continuing to research, develop and find new frontiers for the application of Systemic Constellations.

“With deep gratitude to all my teachers, especially Bert Hellinger, who opened for me the way of seeing and constellating systems, and with solidarity to all teachers who seek to give onward what they have been given.”

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