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Yvonne Murphy


Doctor of Chiropractic degree studied at Palmer College, USA in the 1980’s.
Upledger and Biodynamic Cranio
“Healer Idealist” score on Kiersey Personality Test
Working with Family Constellation in most one on one treatments for 15 years.
Most recently studies with Svagito Leibermeister and Vedanta Suravi.

The work is called Divine Clearing

About Yvonne Murphy

Born in Ireland, and grew up whispering to horses and living the gift of a painful family of origin. moved to the United States of America as a whimsical gypsy at 19, intent on exploring the Great Mystery.

Spent the next twenty years in the carnival of life, realising in my soul that it all was smoke and mirrors but caught up on the carousel of monetary success. Meanwhile, the divine kept tapping my shoulder, saying “you are so much more than this…” finally listened and switched focus to healing. Having been granted peace and joy within from an endless source, I became a conduit for others.

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Phone: IRELAND (353)894545306 / New Zealand (+64) (0) 2102781955 / India (+91) 7397605940, (+91) 8191874561

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