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Zita Tulyahikayo, FRSA

She is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, ICF accredited Systemic Coach, Systemic Constellations Facilitator, and NLP Master Practitioner, with over 15 years in practice in Los Angeles, Stockholm, and London.

Zita began her working life in the demanding and highly competitive fashion arena in both New York and Los Angeles. During 13 years as a freelance fashion editor and stylist, she developed strong leadership skills and refined the art of thinking and communicating both rationally and creatively outside the box. During this time, Zita developed a keen interest in people and systems and how they interrelated with each other. This interest developed organically over time, and Zita now has over 15 years of experience working as a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and Systemic Coach and Facilitator. Her experience is underscored by first-class training by renowned teachers worldwide, such that her training is as exceptional as the clients she supports.

About Zita Tulyahikayo

Zita’s unique approach, which she calls Life Therapy, draws upon all her experience, skills, and training to create the space for her clients and the systems to which they belong, to overcome seemingly intractable issues and realise their optimal potential and performance.

As one with multiple ancestral belonging to East Africa, the Caribbean, British and Jewish, Zita has refined the art of building cross-cultural bridges related to the transgenerational trauma of slavery, racism, and colonisation. Zita is frequently called upon to teach, speak and facilitate workshops on the broader systemic effect of these social issues.

In addition to coaching individuals, couples and organisations, Zita also co-writes a regular column on wellbeing for The Lawyer Magazine entitled “Loving Legal Life” and a series of articles in the Bar’s journal, Counsel Magazine. She is frequently called on to speak on matters related to diversity and inclusion through the systemic lens.

For more information please visit her website: https://lifetherapywithzita.com

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